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Boiconsults is a private limited liability company that was established in 2007, duly registered and licensed under the relevant security laws and regulations in Nigeria, our aim is to provide top-notch security and safety services while using the most advance and reliable technology there is. We are focused on delivering adequate and efficient security solutions across the country for various industrial and organizational purposes.

We not only aim at filling a wide gap when it comes to safety and security, we are also very invested in preventions system making us very proactive In our approach at delivering our services.

With over 10 years experience in the business, we have amassed a wealth of practical knowledge in safety prevention and security management system, which has strengthened our competence in safety, security as well as information and communication technology.

Through the excellent services we have delivered over the years, we have acquired and maintained a set standard that has attracted and retained many leading brands and we never fall short of this standard, it only gets better.

We have a team of experts that are always ready, highly professional and efficiently trained to attend fix your security, safety and technological problems. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver fast and efficient services, anytime anywhere. We are a team you can rely on because we provide exactly what you need.

We have and still work with an extensive list clientele, ranging from private firms and businesses to agencies, organizations and institutions.

Using technology at its finest, we offer a 3-point service platform that encompasses both virtual and physical security solution. We have a safety and prevention system (SPS) that ensures we are proactive in delivering safety solutions, we also offer a security service that guards against threats and removes vulnerabilities and finally, we provide top-notch information and communication technology.

Our aim is to continuously and effectively provide predominant safety and security solutions using only the most contemporary gadgets, methods and technology with a team of highly trained, and efficient team members.

Boiconsults Security is harnessed in providing safety and security solutions using cutting-edge technological advancements, has been able to integrate the different specializations of the company into one strong force of solutions expert.

We are diversified and specialized to fix various safety and security problems in different sectors. We offer professionalism at its peak and ensure that you get value and results for money spent.

With our set standard, system of operation and core values that emphasizes integrity and honesty, we have earned the trust and respect.

Years of experience

We provide a well

secured home

Boiconsult security delivers safe and highly secured environment for your family and workplace.

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